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Parts of The Guitar

Here you can see the different parts of the guitar, see if you can memorize each one.

Tuning Your 


Notice, if you hold your guitar in front of you the strings line up left to right heaviest (thickest) to the skinniest string. Each of those strings has a letter name, from the musical alphabet. 

Using a Pick

Watch the Following video on Guitar Tuning 

to help keep your guitar in tune. Match each string to the pitch you ear, by playing the string and moving the tuning peg that string is attached to.

When using a pick, hold it between your first finger

and your thumb just like in this photo. 

When using the pick to play the guitar, gently strum ACROSS the string(s) you wish to play, the guitar will do the work for you, so you dont have to press very hard with your picking hand. 

Notice, how only the very tip of the pick touches the string. That's all you need!

Notes on The Guitar

We will divide the notes of the guitar (in first position) into strings to make them easier to learn.

1st string (thinnest)

2nd string 

3rd string 

4th string

5th string

6th string

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